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The modern world has changed, no longer do the values of ‘make do and mend’ seem to be the norm.  We have moved into a consumer society, with a throw away culture.

Companies constantly push their latest and greatest product, wanting us to upgrade.

Take the humble television as just one example.  Until only few years ago, lots of people were using TV sets that were a decade or more old.  TV sets hadn’t changed that much since the advent of colour TV in the late 60s and wide screen in the late 90s.

In the last decade however it feels like most electronic equipment is out of date before you have even unpacked it.  A standard widescreen TV purchased in 2002 would have been obsoleted  by the push to upgrade ready for digital, then to HD, later to Full HD, and then to buy a 3D HD TV and now after the Consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas they are starting to promote Ultra HD (4K) TVs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology (I’m secretly a bit of a geek, well actually not so secretly), but not at the expense of the planet.  I have a HD TV but not because the marketeers won, it was simply that our old TV broke down and it was not longer economical to get it repaired.  I have a smart phone but I have upgrade cycles measured in years and normally dictated by the fact I can no longer use the device for one reason or another.

When you can no longer resist the allure of the new thing from your favourite company what do you do with the old one? It probably hasn’t got much residual value in this fast moving consumer society, but its also not broken and it’s way too good to just throw away.

Why not give it away? Many people are happy to have the last years mobile phones, or are perhaps happy to use an older TV in a bedroom etc.  Students who are just starting out on their own are also often very grateful for such gifts, allowing them to complete their studies with a lower debt burden (I know I was when studying)

This was one of the reasons we started , to give people a hassle free way to find new homes for these items, and at the same time reduce waste, reduce impact on natural resources and improve the lives of others along the way.

Please help us spread the word, it’s as simple as sharing this blog post with family, friends & colleagues or post a like to it on your favourite social network and together we can help to build a better world.

Reuse, it’s not just personal…

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I was out shopping the other day and it suddenly struck me, that many stores have short lived promotional material and displays that probably just get thrown away or shoved in the back of a storeroom and forgotten about after use.  Things like the large poster boards which are linked to clothing seasons and brands, stands used to promote computer games etc.  Then I started to think about all the companies that buy promo materials, and end up with things like half a box of mugs, pens, key rings or whatever sat in the office store room or under desks left over after a campaign is finished.

I realised if we could get these companies to offer some of these items through the site I am sure there are lots of people including artists, community projects, schools, upcyclers and collectors around that would love some of it.

I know one community project I used to work with that was always happy to collect random free mugs as it meant they could spend the small amount of money they had on other things.

It can also be things that you wouldn’t think of, our allotment society took a delivery of a batch of bathtubs that had been damaged in transit and the company couldn’t sell them.  We have one that we use to grow blueberries as they don’t like our soil.

If you work for a company that could make use of the site please help save the environment and list your surplus items or if know someone else who might be interested please pass on our details and we will do our very best to help you find new homes for you unwanted items.

Together we can help the environment and reduce landfill.  It might even reduce your companies waste fees and save someone else money, which is a great bonus.  You can also support the idea by sharing a link to this post on social networks.

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