Everyday can be #Flattrday :-)

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Hi Everyone,

You may have noticed we have been adding Flattr links all over the place recently, some of you I am sure will already know what this is all about, some of you may have clicked them to find out.  For the rest of you I thought it might be worth a quick post to explain why we have been doing it.

Right, where do I start, well Flattr is a way that you, our readers, followers and users can help support sites and projects like ours.  Give us a little reward if we produce content that you like.  I’m going to be cheeky here and ‘borrow’ some of the explanation directly from the Flattr page, where you can see the full text (hope they don’t mind)

Support great web content – There’s a brave new world filled with entertainment, news and tools made by everyone, and not just the big guys. This new world deserves your support.

How does it work? – Whenever you see a Flattr button on a blog or website that you like, click it.  We count up all of your clicks at the end of each month and distribute your monthly spend between everything you’ve clicked on. Simple, right? Of course, you’re also welcome to add a Flattr button to your site and get other people’s support too.

What does it offer for Anygoodtoyou.com? Well, as we have no commercial sponsor or company funding us, everything is either paid for by the project founders, donations from well wishing users or advertising, and now from Flattr too.   All of this helps us to make the project more sustainable, not just in the eco/environmental sense but from a financial one too.

Site update

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Hi Everyone,

Well you may have noticed that we haven’t been around as much as normal recently, we are still here, we have just been concentrating on development in the background.  The first update went out yesterday, which included the roll out of phase 2 of our onsite message system.

More updates should be arriving over the next few weeks and we will try to pop our heads up from our screens a little more often 🙂

As always, feel free to let us know what you think of it if you have any feedback, comments or ideas you can let us know via the contact us page on the site.

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