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Well it’s been a busy few weeks, lots of development work going on behind the scenes.  We hope to be able to push this update out to the live site soon.  You won’t see too many changes at first as much of the work has been in the background to allow us to add things faster and easier in the future.

One thing you should notice will be the new message system, we think it’s much better than the old one, here are a few highlights.

  • Unread message counter showing on the top menu
  • Conversations are now easier to follow who said what
  • You can leave/archive a conversation
As always, if you have any feedback, comments or ideas you can let us know via the contact us page on the site.

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Do you ever get that feeling that sometimes you just can’t say enough on Twitter?  We do, so thought it might be an ideal time to create our blog, that way we can talk about things in a little more detail.

I will be the first to say that I am no journalist, so you may have to forgive me if my ramblings drift off topic from time to time, but I will hopefully get my meaning across (of course feedback, contributions and tips are always welcome)

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